Award ceremonies

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Celebrating success in
Cambridge English exams

We are delighted that your students have done so well in their recent Cambridge Assessment English exams.

Certificate ceremonies are a great opportunity for you to share your students’ success with their parents and to publicly recognise your teachers’ efforts.
You can also use these ceremonies to attract positive attention from the local media.

Share the news of your awards ceremony!

To make the very most of your awards ceremony, you could write a short news item for your school website, social media pages or newsletter. You could also send this to your local media.

Make sure you let us know about any news items you publish or stories that appear in the local media about your students’ success and we will share it on our social media channels and with Cambridge English.


It’s time to celebrate your success in English.

Certificate ceremony toolkit

Our examination centres and Cambridge English have developed a Certificate ceremony toolkit which you can download below.


In these videos, Evelina Galaczi and Juliet Wilson congratulate students on their great achievements. Download the videos to play to your students at your certificate ceremony.

Congratulations from Juliet Wilson

Congratulations from everyone at Cambridge Assessment English on the day of your school’s certificate ceremony!

Congratulations from Evelina

A video from Evelina Galaczi, Head of Research Strategie Cambridge Assessment English.