Support for schools and teachers

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Support by Exams Catalunya, Exams Madrid & Exams Balears

Support for schools and teachers

Support by Exams Catalunya, Exams Madrid & Exams Balears

Support for schools and teachers

Support by Exams Catalunya, Exams Madrid & Exams Balears

Webinars, seminars and events

Exams Catalunya, Exams Madrid and Exams Balears offer frequent teacher training sessions and events throughout the year. Our topics are carefully chosen and our presenters are well qualified professionals with many years of experience in training teachers for Cambridge English Exams.

Award ceremonies

Certificate ceremonies are a great opportunity for you to share your students’ success with their families and to publicly recognise your teachers’ efforts.

You can also use these ceremonies to attract positive attention from the local media.

Annual ELT Conference

Each year, we organise the ELT Conference for schools and teachers. The day includes presentations from a number of English language experts, published authors and experienced teachers.

Our aim is for the attendants to enjoy and benefit from all of the sessions at the Conference and that they also meet other like–minded teachers and colleagues to exchange ideas and views.

Preparation Centre logos

Cambridge Assessment English provides schools which actively prepare candidates for their exams with special graphics to help promote their exam preparation courses. Centres that register students for Cambridge English examinations through Exams Catalunya, Exams Madrid or Exams Balears are also welcome to use our specially designed logos on their websites, leaflets or other publicity material.

Support for schools and teachers

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Support by Cambridge English

Teaching English

Professional development materials and teaching resources based on Cambridge English in-depth research. You can also find out about English-teaching qualifications on this page.

The Digital Teacher

This specialist online space provides courses, articles, webinars and the opportunity to connect with teaching professionals worldwide and develop your career.

Cambridge Webinars

Cambridge English webinars are a great way for teachers to stay up to date with the latest developments and to interact with the Cambridge Engish experts to give you the opportunity to ask questions in the live question and answer sessions.


Kahoots are fun, interactive games to help learners practise their English and build their language skills. This free kahoots include music and images to engage young learners and make learning exciting and enjoyable.


Penfriends is a platform that connects schools around the world. Students share letters and can practise their skills in a safe and fun environment. To ensure the safeguarding of the children and schools taking part, this service is only available for schools.

Your new English classroom

No matter where you are, or what your classroom looks like, Cambridge English has the right support for you. They have everything you need to help you prepare and feel confident for your return to class.

Cambridge English Teaching Framework

See where you are in your development – and think about where you want to go next – with the Cambridge English Teaching Framework. All of Cambridge Assessment English teaching qualifications are linked to the framework – it is designed to help you think about the skills you have and the skills you would like to develop.

Handbooks for Teachers

The Handbooks for Teachers – available for all the Cambridge English exams – are a valuable guide to help you prepare your students for the Cambridge English examinations.

They give an overview of each exam and its place within Cambridge English. They focus on each component and include content, advice on preparation and sample papers.

Support for schools and teachers

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Information for Preparation Centres

This page is designed to help you plan your courses and to provide you with all the support you need at the right time.

You will find materials to help you train your teachers, explain the exams to students and parents and promote, teach, and prepare Cambridge English Qualifications.