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Adult and teenage learners


Over 80 activities for learners of English. Choose the skill you want to practise, click on your level of English and start practising.

Speak & improve

Speak & Improve is a research project from the University of Cambridge that can tell how well you speak English just by listening to you.

Virtually Anywhere

This audio mystery series helps learners improve their listening skills. There are seven episodes and each episode comes with B1-B2 level activities. There are also lesson plans available for teachers who wish to use the series in the classroom.

Write & improve

Write & improve is a free service to help you improve your writing. Simply choose a task, write or upload your text and submit it. You will get immediate feedback on your spelling, vocabulary, grammar and style in general.


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Children can start practising their English with these fun learning activities. They are divided into three levels and focus on reading and writing, listening or speaking.

Sing and learn

Choose a song to sing along to! Sing and Learn is a series of videos for young learners, designed to help them learn, remember and use new language.

Cambridge English Penfriends

Penfriends is a platform that connects schools around the world. Students share letters and can practise their skills in a safe and fun environment. To ensure the safeguarding of the children and schools taking part, this service is only available for schools.

Fun with Ruby Rei

Guide Ruby, on a strange planet, to find her robot friend Moli, who’s missing. Explore the planet, meet some interesting characters on the way, and find out more about why Ruby and Moli are there…. An innovative digital English adventure for A2 level learners


A TV channel created by Pocoyo and Cambridge English with lots of fun videos, games and free activities that have been specially designed by Cambridge English to help young children learn.

Information for parents

The Cambridge Assessment English research team conducts thorough, rigorous work to understand how children learn. Read these articles which have practical tips and advice to help parents confidently support their child’s learning.


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Games and Apps


Challenge your friends and players from around the world with the English language quiz, visit the Young Learner Monkey’s favourite places or practise for your exam with the Cambridge English games and Apps.