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Classroom Management Visualised – 06/03/2024 – Tarragona


Classroom management is an area which many teachers find very challenging.  As we attempt to run the room, what should we prioritise? How can we give students more opportunities to change their behaviour? How do we keep the momentum? What factors affect our success? This session will seek to explore these questions and offer four conceptual images as tools for reflection after each class.

Welcome to 2024: the launch of Cambridge English Qualifications Digital and other updates

 As we step into the new year, we’re thrilled to invite you to join our upcoming online session. We’ll be discussing the new Cambridge English Qualifications Digital, which will replace the Computer-based exams from February 21st. In addition to that, we have some other exciting updates from the Cambridge world to share. Your participation in the conversation would be fantastic! We hope you can make it.